Works in progress

Darren Flynn, Dawn Craig, Adela Cora, Phil White, Richard Francis, Peter McMeekin, Christopher Price, Gary Ford, Shannon Robalino, Helen Rodgers, Luke Vale, Eduardo Gonzalo-Almorox. Intra-arterial mechanical thrombectomy in the treatment of acute ischaemic stroke: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Prospero ID CRD42015016649. Registered 16 February 2015. [Submitted]

Claire Dickinson, Clare Abley, Shannon Robalino. The non-pharmacological care and management of older people with cognitive impairment (dementia, mild cognitive impairment, delirium) in general hospitals. Prospero ID CRD42015016738. Registered 3 March 2015. [Ongoing]

James Newham, Eileen Kaner, Raghu Lingam, Ruth McGovern, Liam Spencer, Janet Shucksmith, Shannon Robalino, Emma Geijer-Simpson, Andie Reynolds, Paul McArdle. Primary and secondary preventative interventions to promote mental health and resilience in young people aged 12-19 years: a systematic review of systematic reviews (protocol). Prospero ID CRD42016033645.  Registered 3 March 2016. [Ongoing]

Steph Scott, Kathryn Parkinson, Shannon Robalino, Eileen Kaner, Ashley Adamson, Wendy Wrieden, Niamh Fitzgerald, Martine Stead, Chris Power. Interventions designed to reduce health risks due to unhealthy eating behaviour and risky or excessive drinking in adults aged 18-25 years: a systematic review. Prospero ID CRD42016040128. Registered 16 June 2016. [Ongoing – protocol accepted for publication]

Jonathan Lewney, Andrew McCarthy, Shannon Robalino, Brenda Nyakang’o. A systematic review of economic evaluations of obesity interventions. PROSPERO ID CRD42016043102. Registered 8 July 2016. [Ongoing]

Brenda Nyakang’o, Shannon Robalino, Linda Sharp, Jean Adams, Martin White, Stefanie Buckner, Dawn Craig. Age-related inequalities in receipt of treatment for colorectal cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis. PROSPERO ID CRD42016045555. Registered 13 September 2016. [Ongoing]