My recent posts on male-as-norm language, To gender or not to gender and Default: male, did not go down well with everyone. I heard from one or two readers who thought I’d been a bit sweeping. Aren’t there, they asked, some cases where the unmarked term refers to a woman? And isn’t that just as […]

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Search history – your identity & your narrative


Screenshot of the interview on the Rhizome Blog.

This is a fascinating post on a project using one users search history over a three-month period and how that search history can not only identify you (e.g. via ego searches, searches of others close to you, etc.), but can also reveal your story. If you have an interest in privacy, security, and big data read this. Even if you think you have ‘nothing to hide’ you should think about the things you might keep private for whatever reason and how those might be used by businesses or others for good (e.g. ‘you might be interested in…’ based on your purchases/browsing/watching history) or evil.

Do you believe in user 711391? a search engine drama