Overwhelming options in hobbies

I have started knitting more again in the last 9 months. I’m so pleased about this because I have a lot, A LOT, of yarn that needs knitting up. Unfortunately most of my efforts the last 9 months have required me to rip them back out because they’ve proven to be too big. Some of this was because I actually followed the instructions instead of instinct, but mostly it’s because I’m out of practice after hardly touching my needles for two years.

I have so many hand knit socks, scarves, and hats that I want to move on to knitting more substantial things. There will definitely be more socks, scarves and hats in my future, bur right now, I want something else. I’ve got a hexagon blanket on the go for myself, but this is a long-term knit, and more suitable to cool autumn nights since it’s 100% wool.

I used to be a avid (more like rabid) user of Ravelry. I’d sign in multiple times every day to look at the forums, browse patterns, check out my friends’ progress on projects and what gems they’ve discovered. It’s incredibly easy to get lost in the site and never knit a stitch. I actually end up feeling so overwhelmed by how much stuff there is out there that I’d love to knit, but will never get to in this lifetime. Trying to decide on a single project is so overwhelming because the choices are seemingly endless!

So, up next I’d like to knit a jumper/sweater of some sort that will see me through those chilly autumn nights and into the winter, and spring. (I get warm easily so I like layers versus one heavy layer.)

The yarn

rowanfeltedtweedI’m going to be using Rowan Felted Tweed in a peacocky blue. See, it’s there, on the left.

But I cannot decide what to actually knit! So, help! What should I knit? Options below, click to embiggen the options if you want a closer look. These are in no particular order…

The options

phyllo Phyllo yoked pullover

venla Venla pullover

ruisseauxfrontruisseauxback Ruisseaux cardigan

wayside Wayside lace cardigan (a wrap-style cardigan)

lush Lush cardigan

peasy Peasy cardigan

littlecables Baby cables and big ones too (pullover)

paulie Paulie cardigan (I have a herb green in the same yarn that I can use for contrasting stripes) – I like this but not entirely sure I can be bothered with using a different weight yarn.

That’s my whittled down list hahaha. So what says you, internet?

Confrontations – not the British way

Today I did an extremely un-British thing which I guess is sort of OK seeing I’m not actually British. You see, the road I live has space for cars to drive down, one in each direction (AKA a single carriage way here in the UK). Unfortunately, most of the homes also own at least one car and most of the properties in the street do not have parking on the property so it means parking in the street, and in this case, with two wheels on the pavement. This means the street is effectively a single lane because of the parked cars on both sides of the road.

When you learn to drive you are told to drive according to the conditions — slow down in rain/inclement weather, be cautious in fog, slow down if people are present, etc. So as someone who spends 80% of the time on a bicycle (the other 20% is mostly on foot or the bus/train, and sometimes a car) I get really frustrated when people speed past me just because the speed limit says they can go that speed, and go at the max speed despite road conditions. (It’s a LIMIT, not a requirement.)

So it was today that I went to get in my car so that I could go buy things I can’t carry on my bike (namely about 300L of compost). I was in the road, opening the door, when a flatbed masonry truck rushed past. He’s been repaving a porch at the end of the road the last couple of days. I’d been working from home and was surprised at the number of vehicles that use this road as a rat run during the day when there are fewer cars, and how many were going well in excess of the ridiculous 30mph speed limit.

I had had it so I shouted ‘SLOW DOWN’. He didn’t seem to take notice then suddenly the brakes go own and he reversed back down about a quarter of the road to me. Our conversation went like this:

Driver: “What is the speed limit of this road? Is it a 20 or a 30?”

Me: “Does it matter? It’s narrow and there are children about.”

Driver: “Children? What children? Where are these children? I was going 25-30mph which is within the speed limit.”

Before I could actually say any more, the father of the children that the neighbour looks after after school stepped in and told the guy he was going to fast for the road. The guy reiterated he was within the speed limit, and he can’t see any children (!!). The father pointed to his daughter playing in the garden. The driver said “SHE’S IN THE GARDEN” like children never leave gardens, and in a residential area it’s not like it’s unlikely for other hazards to exist (pets, children running out into the street, another car pulling out, someone opening their car door, etc.). The father pointed out that there are huge speed humps at either end of the road to slow people down. Apparently the driver felt that since they were at the end of the road, they had no bearing on the bit in-between so you’re just supposed to go as fast as you bloody please in-between the humps. Drive given the conditions… poor visibility, narrow roadway,

I was mostly embarrassed that my neighbour and these parents saw this outburst, but I was relieved he came to my rescue because I’m always terrible at actually backing up my outbursts even if I know I’m right… especially when it’s three big men in a truck. I apologised to the father (and the others) for my outburst (there was no swearing), and he said it wasn’t a problem, the guy was going way too fast and he’d back me up on that. I can’t even put in a complaint to company as it is a private business and he could very well have been the owner.

I’m so incredibly fed up with so many selfish drivers of all ilk. I do not understand what happens to people once they get in the driver’s seat. They speed in areas they know they shouldn’t, they pass cyclists too fast and too close, they park in ways that make it dangerous and inconvenient for others, they speed up and/or get impatient with people crossing the road (whether legally or not). I’m sure most of these people would be horrified at seeing how they behave and drive. You know that most of these people would find it very difficult if they were to actually hit someone yet something happens when they get behind the wheel and it’s frightening.

LinkedIn and data insecurity

I’m on LinkedIn, but don’t really use – is it time we all upped sticks?

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I’ve never trusted LinkedIn

I’ve known for some time that LinkedIn are particularly bad, of all the social networks, for pinching information from places you don’t want it pinched from. They ask you to give it your email details so you can easily import your contacts. It doesn’t tell you that this will be a permanent link and that every time you email someone and they’re added to your contact list, they will also pop up as a LinkedIn suggestion. LinkedIn claims they don’t remember your password, but this is obviously a lie – so not a great start

I put up with it

I know I can’t trust them with my information, yet still I use them. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong! But there is an expectation of being on LinkedIn, a findability that only LinkedIn provides in the professional world. Damn them.

If I felt there was…

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